Miller Family History
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Miller Families of:

Ohio Pennsylvania

Fairfield County
Pickaway County
Allen County

Berks County
Northumberland County
Columbia County



If your Miller ancestors were in or around any of the above counties, you are invited to participate in the Miller DNA Study.

If you (or a family member) carry the last name of Miller and would like to find cousins who descend from the same Miller this test will do exactly that.

It helped me locate a 5th cousin and now I'm hooked.    I hope to locate even more distant cousins.   My Miller line was in the above Ohio Counties in the early 1800's and in the above Pennsylvania Counties in the 1700's.

You can sign up for the test at:

Family Tree DNA Miller Project

The cost is $99.00.    They send you a cotton swab that you rub inside your cheek and send back.   6 weeks later you learn which Miller's you are related to.