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Fairfield County, Ohio, Chester County, Pennsylvania and Columbia County, Pennsylvania Millers

Berks County, Pennsylvania Miller, Webb, Boone Families

Pickaway County and Fairfield County Ohio Tax Records

Northumberland and Columbia County Pennsylvania Millers

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Abraham Miller of Berks, Chester, Columbia County 1758-1821


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Columbia County, Pennsylvania  Miller Family

If you are related to or have researched any of the family members mentioned below I would enjoy hearing from you ( ) and would be happy to share the latest information as this is an ongoing research project.

For more information on the following family (sources, dates, spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, etc.) please e-mail me.

Abraham Miller  b. abt 1760   1st wife was Phebe Webb.   married November 27, 1782 in Exeter Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania.   
    children of Abraham Miller and Phebe Webb:
        1.  John Miller  (father of William Moore Miller)
        2. William  Miller  (my gggg-grandfather)
        3.  Thomas Miller 
        4.  Isaac Miller 
        5.  Rachel Pursel (late Barton) 

children of Abraham Miller and his 2nd wife: Nancy (married about 1800)
        1. Jacob Miller 
        2. Joseph Miller 
        3. Elisha B. Miller 
        4. Abraham Miller   (b. 1808 merchant)
        5. Warrick Miller 
        6. Maria  (married Isaac Low) 
        7  Nancy
        8. Eliza Ann

DNA results for Abraham Miller (1758-1821)


1810 Bloom Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania  John Hess, Thomas Welsh, Samuel Boone, Susan Tomlinson, Hagenbaugh


Map of Miller Family along the Susquehanna River in the late 1700's and early 1800's
(was all Northumberland County, Pennsylvania at the time)


In 1813 Columbia County was created from Northumberland.    Prior to 1790 the area was in Wyoming Township, Northumberland County.

The above area as located in the state of Pennsylvania


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DNA results for the Above Miller Families
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